Class and Year Group Teams

At Featherby Juniors we work together in teams.  All the classes have been named after characters from books.

Year GroupClassClass teacherLSA
Class and Year Group Teams
3GriffinMiss  RamseyMrs Faragher
3AslanMiss AllenMiss  Vaughan
3CentaurMr BrydenMiss  McMamus
   Mrs  Tidy
   Mr Thomas
4CloudjumperMrs ClarkeMrs Chopra
4Toothless Mr Malkinson  
4StormflyMrs SimonataMrs Deakin
   Mr  Norman
5GryffindorMiss  FridayMrs Brown
5HufflepuffMiss  OutredMrs Doyle
5RavenclawMr DeavesMrs Barrett
   Mr Bangura
6Shere KhanMrs KramerMrs Astirbadi
6MowgliMrs  MiddletonMiss Rodger
6BagheeraMiss WittMrs Tabeart
   Mr  Ballard
   Mr  Norman
Other Teachers supporting learning
  Mrs Singleton 
  Mrs Sverha 
  Mr Spratt 
  Mrs Lopes